Welcome to Indian Health Network

IHN (Indian Health Network) is a platform for collaborations between stakeholders by combining strengths, improving weaknesses, exploring opportunities and managing threats that come in way delivering quality health care services. This would be the first of an independent kind of forum to address quality issues with complete consensus and through expertise on board

The basic aim of the IHN Forum is to standardize what the institutions are doing to deliver an ideal healthcare delivery model; motivate the processes to stay focused aiming higher performance dividends through innovation, mentoring and expert guidance and counseling. Given the vast gap, enormous disease burden and a sizable population below poverty line, it is such innovative measures, which shall help us all achieve the global health indicators, which have so far managed to remain just the goals.

Charter of IHN

IHN proposes improving the quality of life of several thousand communities in India through bringing together integrated healthcare initiatives through its charter:

  • To act as an Association / Forum / Network for companies & individuals providing health related services (HRS) (A Platform)
  • Improving / Delivering on innovative healthcare delivery solutions, promoting health Tech solutions
  • Research & Publications (Knowledge Hub / Think Tank), Policy framing, recommendations
  • Recognising Healthcare Excellence (Awards)
  • Events and Conferences
  • Giving Back to Society (CSR activities)
  • Medical Education across board, Improving nationwide health awareness index


Indian Health Network (IHN) is a registered trust under the Indian Trusts Act of 1882, registration number is IV xxx/xx-xx dated August xth, xxxx. The forum is recognized under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.
Registration under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 on application dated xxth January 20xx. Registration No. xxxxxxxxx.

IHN Committee

The IHN Committee is responsible for oversight of all activities from start to finish. It shall meet at least twice a year to ensure IHN delivers its yearly goals.


Identification of Goals for IHN

Programs to be supported via IHN will be selected by the IHN committee through a transparent process and the selected programs will meet the regulatory requirements


Budgeting and Spending

For each financial year, the minimum amount available for spending will be defined in accordance with the applicable provisions of the statute. Any surplus arising shall not form part of business profit of the IHN.

As per the statute, any unspent budget shall be reported in the Annual Report



IHN initiatives of the Company will be reported in the yearly Annual Report. As per the statute, any unspent budget shall be reported in the Annual Report.